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Pancake Sale for Ndigo


Support our performance

There is a lot involved in creating a performance. The 100s of dancers who will perform on stage all need appropriate costumes. The performance is an unforgettable experience for our dancers. Please support our annual performance by purchasing delicious pancakes.

  • Original recipe
  • Delicious taste
  • Enjoy with family and friends
  • Buy local
  • Let your child shine on stage
  • Our dancers are grateful for your support
Quality time

Enjoy with friends and family!

These pancakes are freshly made, vacuum packed and can be stored in the freezer! Eat them with sugar or fresh fruit. Make it a fun time with friends and family.

wonderful warm moments

Endless combinations

What am I in the mood for today?

With sugar and butter ( a real classic), syrup, chocolate, fresh fruit, whipped cream or honey. Let your imagination run wild.

What a Whirlwind spectacle. What a celebration of color and light.
Tom De coninck on the show
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